Sunday, 27 June 2010

It's stowed!

By 10am this morning it was all away. Just hope I can find it again! You wouldn't believe how many hidden places there are on a boat, and with two hulls you can double that.

Apart from the space taken up by the extra batteries Robin installed so that I could have the freezer.

Along with the wind generator and the engine alternator when we are motoring we should get most of our electricity "for free", and plenty of hot water when we run the engine as well, so life should be fairly civilised

Robin, bless him, is sitting in full sun on the hottest day of the year so far fixing the new anchor chain. Our old one was showing signs of rust, were the galvanising was failing, so had to be replaced.

We have a Bruce and a Danforth as our main anchors, depending upon the nature of the seabed, and a smaller Bruce as a kedge anchor. For those of a technical bent here's pictures of the two types and information on anchoring.

Bruce Anchor Bruce Anchor

Danforth Anchor Danforth Anchor

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