Saturday, 26 June 2010

How many tubes of toothpaste in two months?

On the boat for the last time before we go. To be honest, I wish we could just go.

Waiting at the moment for the main stores delivery, which then has to be sorted and stowed. Robin keeps asking me how much all this weighs, but I'm more worried about have I ordered enough of the right stuff and not too much, that we're living on the excess for the next two years. Equally I don't want to run out of toilet roll in the middle of nowhere.

But we are going around Britain, not across the Atlantic, so there should be opportunities to pick up stuff as we go.

At least when we are underway, the decisions are made, and we've got to work with what we've got.

I can feel myself getting stressed, and my symptoms are ramping up.

The delivery arrived, and even the driver thought there was a lot. Managed to get the freezer full to the brim, and half of the rest stowed tonight. The balance is going to have to wait 'til the morning, Robin and I are bushed. At least the heavy and bulky stuff is done. Three hours!

Now , oven on, feet up and a bottle of wine with dinner. Boy will we sleep tonight.

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