Friday, 25 June 2010

One Week to go


What to take. Where it's stowed. What to bring home - not wanted on voyage.

Food. Clothes. Tools. Charts. Anchor chain, engine spares.

Oh, god, what if we forget something?

Need to get some new underwear. Can they deliver in time?

And then there is pouring over the weather maps and forecasts. Is there going to be a high over the British Isles? Clockwise winds, so down the channel first. Or what about that low? Will the winds favour going up the east coast first?

Picked up the scripts from our GP this morning. Hopefully once we're off, the stress is lower and my symptoms ease. Only two more HBO sessions, and then nothing for 8 weeks.

And see mum before we go. Not driving is a bugger.

My mind hops from one thing to another as we both try to cover everything before we go. And Robin's colleagues have just realised the long holiday he booked is here, and there is so much to do.

I am so looking forward to that moment when we slip our moorings and are gone. What we haven't got we'll do without, or maybe pick up at some harbour town en route. And the pace of life is driven by the wind and tides, not schedules, teleconferences and critical paths. Life is so much simpler.

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