Sunday, 11 July 2010

36 Knot winds

You know it's bad when you see the fishing boats running for harbour.

I asked one what the weather was like out there and he said wild. It has to be bad for a fisherman to say wild. Still don't see them wearing lifejackets though. Our instruments are registering 35 and 36 knot winds here in the relatively sheltered marina, so the lord only knows what it is like out there!

25 knots is getting near the edge of my comfort zone, so looks like we may be here another 24 hours. The forecast says the winds are dropping later, but I'm not holding my breath.

Update 16:00. The wind is finally easing, so we are off tonight, hoping to make the long passage to Peterhead. More anon.


  1. Hi Darlings I've just found out what you two are up two, how fabulous. I loved the Hobbit meals . ENJOY

  2. I had to show her how to do it! Carry on sailing...