Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Amazing what a good sleep does

In order to catch the tide going our way we either had to leave at 5 in the morning or 5 in the evening. We have opted for the evening tide and are using today to catch up on jobs on the boat.

A damn good tidy and a hoover by me. Not every yacht has a vacuum cleaner on board! Making use of being connected to mains electricity via shore power. Also got rid of our rubbish. Being in port is good for that too. Sailing does make you much more aware of the waste you generate. We have a can crusher, which at least reduces the volume.

Robin has put the old VHF radio back in, as the DSC radio has developed a fault in the audio: reception is fine, but very, very quiet. Until he gets a chance to investigate further, we will use the old radio. Sometimes being a hoarder is a good thing.

Plus the leg steering arm snapped just as we came into the marina last night. Turns out there was a knot hidden in the wood. Again Robin has been able to fix it. Good job our ship's engineer is so capable.

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