Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Crinan at last!

Having had a good night's sleep, we left for another attempt at the Crinan Canal. The weather was fine and clear, and ,by timing our passage well, going through the tidal race at Dorus Mor was fairly straightforward.

The entrance to the canal was in sight.

Unlike the Caledonian Canal, appart from the sea locks and swing bridges, you have to operate the locks yourselves. With just two onboard this can be tricky, but we were lucky enough to meet other boat crews to share the work with. Again though, there are insufficient mooring places along the canal, for the number of boats passing through. The scenery is beautiful, and the whitepainted lockkeepers cottages are delightful.

Still, we reached the half way point before stopping and rafting up with two very pleasant families ready to continue in the morning.

56 03.627' N 05 28.979' W

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