Saturday, 17 July 2010

Off at last.

Finally made it out of the harbour and under way today. We had to wait for a cruiseliner, the SAGA Pearl, to come in before we could leave, but then we were off.

The waves were a bit rough coming out of the harbour, but once we were well clear and turned north, the rollers were following us and much more comfortable. Rattray Head was not as bad as expected, but now we've turned the corner and are heading for Inverness.

At the moment we are anchored in Fraserburgh Bay waiting for the tide to turn in our favour again. For the more technically minded, who wish to follow our progress closely, see Ship AIS. (

Unfortunately, the wind continued to blow directly from the direction we wanted to travel in, so even tacking non-stop haven't made a huge amount of progress and are anchored in Aberdour Bay for the night.

57 40.790'N 02 11.145'W

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