Thursday, 15 July 2010


There's now six boats at least sitting in the marina here, waiting for that elusive gap in the weather. A young swedish couple, a dutch couple, a belgian pair and three british crews that we know of. A pair of german guys in a very racy looking boat made it out last night, but they were heading south.

Every so often there is a huddle around the marina office notice board, as the latest local weather forecast, supplied by the port authority goes up, and drooping heads as we realise, not yet.
The fishing crews round about us think a couple more days of serious swells then it should be ok.

Sailing is both a very enjoyable, very relaxing way of spending time and extremely frustrating.

You have no control over the wind and waves, and it is a very salutory lesson that there is much in this life we cannot dictate.

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  1. Hope the weather improves. After you cross the Forth where is your next intended stop?

    Good luck! Chris et al