Saturday, 3 July 2010

We're off!

As I write we are passing Walton-on-the-Naze pier, heading up the coast of England, next port Whitby, home of Captain Cook and inspiration for the Dracula stories.

We set off from Tollesbury at the height of the tide at 4:30am this morning. The falling tide will then help sweep us up the coast for the first part of our journey.

Both Robin and I have been able to have a nap. We have a MOBI device from NASA Marine which alarms (VERY loudly) should the one on deck fall overboard. Each of us wears a fob on our lifejackets which links to the central unit in the saloon. A simple wireless doorbell chime also wakes the other up if they are needed on deck. A radio call to the coast guard each day notifies them of our progress.

The weather is good, the winds fair and sails up.

So for the next two months it's shoes off, lifejackets on.

51 51.60'N 01 16.80'E

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  1. Hi - congratulations! Keep writing, Richard and I are reading about your progress with interest.