Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A Day of Rest 2

The weather is not good today and the views going down Loch Ness are not to be missed, so we have opted to have a rest day today and are stopping here in Dores bay for a break.

It is nice and cosy in the boat with the sound of rain on the coachroof above our heads. I've taken the time to add some photos to past posts, so go have a look.


  1. Sounds like a big improvement on West Ealing!

    We are off to North Devon on Friday to try and cycle parts of the Tarka trail, so will have to catch up on where you are when we get back.
    Hope you don't have to many problems-like having to "splice the mainbrace", whatever that means. Hope the weather is reasonable as well,

    all the best,

  2. thanks for the photos - they really bring places to life. steer clear of nessie! jo