Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Best laid plans and all that.

Quarter past six and the wind is still up, and rollers are making their way into the harbour, passed the breakwaters. This was not in the plan.

Robin went for a walk to the outer sea walls and saw big rollers and rough seas north of here.

So detailed review of the weather forecasts, tide tables, tidal stream atlases, wind and wave predictions to see if we've got to tough it out, or if there is a better window in the weather.

So it looks like daybreak tomorrow off and round Rattray Head and into the Moray Firth, where conditions should ease. Got to go tomorrow, because Friday onwards sees gales and stormy seas.
Don't want to emulate a friend of ours who was stuck here a fortnight.

Perhaps I shouldn't have watched the tv series Trawlermen before our holiday.

Postscript: the fishing boat berthed near us in the marina just came in, having never made it outside the main breakwaters because of the rough seas. Nice to have your decisions confirmed, because if a fisherman doesn't fish, he doesn't earn. But then he talked about 2 metre rollers tomorrow morning too.

As they are easterly, it's not too bad once we've rounded the corner, but there's still at least 6 miles due north to go, with the rollers coming at us side on.......


  1. trawlermen has been on here [ aus ] good series but put me off north sea weather! good luck with next leg. have been living vicariously with you and really enjoying your blog. brought back memories of family holidays in filey and flamborough head lighthouse and homemade bathers! many years ago now. jobe from kk

  2. Glad you are enjoying it. Hard to know what people would enjoy reading. I remember having homemade bathers as a kid. God I feel old!