Friday, 9 July 2010

Lazy Vince

It's one of the many nautical weather sayings that the wind gets up and goes to sleep with the sun.

Well, not today. The sun's been up for 2 hours and Vince is still asleep. Not so much sailing as tiding with style.

Frustrating as well because a couple of the main sail cars (the bits than run up the track in the mast) broke, and we have to have a couple of reefs in to shorten the sail until we can get some replacements. All the spares we have on this boat, and no mainsail cars.

Update on the broken cars, the bits were still in the mainsail track, so Robin was able to do a repair. Still need some new ones, but at least we can get the mainsail all the way up.

By the way, there could be a prize in it for the first person to identify the Vince reference correctly.

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