Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Passage planning

Well, we were planning to go to Whitby, but overslept this morning, and as you can only get to the moorings via a swing bridge that opens two hours before and after high tide, and the wind is still very much from the northwest, unless we motored all the way, we wouldn't get there in time.

It is frustrating when getting up at 5am and it's too late. Joys of sailing, huh. We needed that extra little bit of time to have the tide sweeping us up the coast and for the wind to have come round a bit, so it wasn't blowing from the direction we wanted to travel in. Catabout will only sail at about 45 degrees to the wind, or we have to tack (take a zigzig course), which takes a lot longer to get where you are going.

So it looks like Scarborough tonight, then, weather permitting, on to somewhere like Hartlepool tomorrow.

Will post more when we anchor or moor up tonight.

54 14.682 'N 00 09.767'w

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