Tuesday, 13 July 2010


A further 130 miles north, here in Scotland after a long offshore sail in a straight line from Northumberland. There were spells where we saw no land. It must have been hard in the days before GPS, where the crew had to take the skipper's word for it that there is more land out there somewhere ahead.

It took us 30 hours non-stop, plus the 5 hours I slept immediately on arrival. Sadly the wind dropped away to nothing overnight, so we had to motor quite a bit of the way. Both of us are very tired.

The sea is still full of jellyfish. What eats jellyfish? We saw a few seals, lots of puffins, terns and other sea birds. It is amazing how far from land they operate. The sun barely slipped below the horizon last night. It went just dark enough for the stars to be visible, and to see a meteor fall, but the sunset light in the sky just slipped around the horizon towards the north east before the sun rose again.

57 29.81'N 01 46.42'W 455 miles done (1/4 of the way)

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