Sunday, 22 August 2010

And this is August?

The forecast of gales along the channel and across southern England tonight made us look for a short hop that we could do before the  weather closes in. Rounding Portland Bill was out of the question. Catabout hasn't the boat speed to be sure of getting  past in time.There aren't very many safe harbours once you leave the eastern end of Lyme Bay behind.

Thankfully Bridport, at the northern end of Chesil Beach was an option. We have moved further in the homeward direction, but should be sheltered from the gales. Now its a case of sit it out until the next break in the weather.

The Round Britain Race I mentioned at the start of this blog is due to begin tomorrow from Cowes, round the Isle of Wight and east up the channel heading for Ireland. I don't envy them at all.

Tonight we are just hunkered down, with a bit of luck we may see Bridport itself sometime tomorrow, weather permitting.

50 42.563' N  02 45.848' W

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