Monday, 23 August 2010


The best part of last night was the firework display that went off at 1030pm on the harbour wall - we had a prime site for viewing. Kudos to the man who went out there in this weather and let them off. This makes our third firework display: Fowey, Brixham and Bridport.

Nature provided the fireworks for the rest of the night as the storm system passed over. Today is sunny and less windy, but the waves are still high, giving a half metre surge here in the harbour. More strong winds are forecast for later.

Robin is worried that we may be stuck here for a week, but that is one of the 'joys' of sailing, and a lesson for life, you have to deal with what is thrown at you. Personally, lack of sleep and the prospect of more storms, an uncomfortable night and more to follow, and I've gone off sailing. I can see why Ellen Macarthur wept sometimes on her round the world trip. And  unless the weather eases we may not make it home in our time allowed. 230 miles to go.

Ask me tomorrow and I will probably feel differently.

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