Sunday, 15 August 2010


Fowey is the harbour of harbours. It ougt to be a kingdom of its own. In Fowey is all courtesy, and good reason for the chance sailing man. For your provision, or your transport, or your mooring, you may pay no more than you should, and whatever you may need in gear is to be had at once. In Fowey there is security from all winds, good holding, and best of all, an air in which other places may be be forgotten.
Hillaire Belloc, The Cruise of the Nona.

After a very disturbed night in Coverac bay, where the very small swell caused some kind of resonance in Catabout's hull and she bounced about, we set off for Fowey. Sailing is truly all about direction. We were setting off into the wind, and had to motor most of the way and had a bumpy journey of it.

But we passed a yacht going in the opposite direction, who was having a very pleasant day's sail downwind, with just one reef in their mainsail. It was all worth it, though. Sidney harbour in Australia wins my personal vote as the perfect harbour, but Fowey is definitely second. Although a sunny saturday in the middle of august, and seemingly jam packed full, the harbour patrol found us a fore and aft mooring and helped us fix up our lines. The location is delightful, and well worth the visit.

We took the water taxi to the shore, as we were too tired to pump up the tender, and wandered around the tiny streets of the town. There are lots of interesting shops, and a fully stocked chandlers, where we got a new DSC VHF radio, to replace the one that died on us, and the 70s radio we had been using since.

Also had a fabulous meal in a little bistro we came across, that served wonerful food and wine.Steins may rule in Padstow, but Tiffins in Fowey is better. Back on the water taxi , which was thankfully easy access for me, and so to bed.

50 19.997' N  04 37.671' W


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