Saturday, 14 August 2010

Round the Lizard

Lizard Point is the most southerly part of mainland Britain and rounding it marked the most southerly point of our adventure. It is another area where tidal flows meet and run very fast, so getting the timing right is very important.

We had the choice of either an early start or an evening sail, and after a hard day yesterday, we opted to leave at 6pm. because our course was mostly south easterly, until we rounded the point, the first part of our journey was quite comfortable in the northwesterly winds. The dish aerials of Goonhilly Downs wer visible on the hilltops. I guess you have to be a certain age for that to mean something to you.

Lizard Point is noted for the tide races and overfalls that occur there, so we took our route below 49 55' to avoid them. Even so we had a small area of highly disturbed water, where it formed peaks instead of waves.

Once round the point, we were heading into the wind, so motored up to Coverack Bay, where we should be sheltered by a headland tonight.

50 01.537' N  05 05.485' W

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