Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Mad dash round Portland

When the fishing boat "Rachel" came back in to harbour, Robin checked with the crew and they reported the wind and waves were decreasing. A quick check on the weather reports and we were off. A short window should allow us around Portland Bill and maybe a little further to the Solent, if we sailed into the night.

The wind and waves were better than some we have experienced, but by no means ideal. At least it was sunny and dry. The fishermen had also advised going close in around the Bill to miss the 'Race' (turbulence where two conflicting tides from either side of the point meet up), otherwise it's 5 or 6 miles out, and no guarantee of good seas.

As we neared Portland, the waves were mountainous, breaking over Catabout, and coming at us beam on. But, as predicted the Race was further out, and we turned, leaving the waves to come from behind us as we passed the Bill. By this stage, I was being reminded by my body that stress and MS don't mix, so we opted for Portland Marina. As the seas lessened I made it to bed and Robin brought us safely to harbour.

50  34.364' N  02 27.141' W     211 miles to go

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