Wednesday, 11 August 2010

St Ives

This morning we left Padstow for the next hop, ready for going round Land's End. The wind was still coming from the north, so there was quite a swell coming down the River Camel as we sailed out. Once in the deeper water, we were able to turn south west and life became more comfortable.

Apart from the adrenaline soaked moment when the replacement bolt on the engine alternator block sheared again. But we've got sails and we're not afraid to use them! Thankfully Robin was able to replace, while at sea, the broken bolt with the spare he had bought, planning to put it in place when we got back to Tollesbury. And fine boat cord makes a good temporary drive belt to keep the water pump running while he got everything ready to do the job. No more complaints from me about the number and range of tools kept onboard!

So we made it to St Ive's Bay and picked up a mooring for the night. Got to work out and get timings right for the tides going round Cape Cornwall tomorrow. Another adventure.

50 12.692' N 05 28.324' W

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