Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Sweet smell of home

One thing we have noticed going round the UK is the definite smell of the land, which definitely changes place by place. Each coast and each harbour has its own. Living on the land, and often in one place, we tend to lose contact with that part of our senses, although our pets recognise the scent of 'home'.

 Now that we have our noses filled with the smell of the sea during the day, approaching land, particularly if there is an off-shore wind, there is a recognisable smell. Scotland had a definite peaty smell, and as we approached North Cornwall from Ireland, Robin recognised the scent from his childhood.

As we move up the coast, there is a definite change, a hint of farm on the air.

So today we went on to Salcombe. A pretty harbour, whose sand bar was made famous was made famous in Tennyson's "Crossing of the Bar".It looks like a river estuary, but is in fact a sea water inlet. We moored at 6pm, picking up one of the visitor's buoys. Then dinner in the cockit, with a chilled bottle of wine, to the sound of Vaughan Williams, watching the sun set over the South Hams, Devon.

50 14.805' N  03 45.358' W

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