Monday, 30 August 2010

White Cliffs of Dover

Had chance to mooch about Dover today, before Robin gets the train back home. The seafront has obviously been recently redone and looks very good. The Castle is English Heritage and looks like it's well worth a visit. As well as the medieval keep, there is a roman lighthouse and the Napoleonic cliff tunnels.

The town museum has a 3000 yr old ship that was dug up, and nearby are the remains of a Roman villa. Should be plenty to keep me occupied.

Robin went for a quick recce round the castle and took this shot looking down from the battlements:

Sorry about the colour, but the light was fading.


  1. Oh Sue, hope Dover has pleased you. It's a real pity that Robin had to go but as I write this I realise that he must be on his way back very soon. Keep us up to date please. God Bless and God Speed to Catabout and its Crew.

  2. The photo is lovely! Are you starting back now?