Thursday, 12 August 2010

Cape Cornwall

So off this afternoon to round Cape Cornwall and Land's End. Cape Cornwall is one of only two capes in the UK, the other being Cape Wrath in Scotland. Getting the tide times right is essential, so Robin has plotted a number of way points with the times we must be there.

The wind is from the north, ok as we go round, but the waves will be beam (side) on as we do the last bit of this coast. And showers are forecast. Fun times ahead, but it's got to be done, and this is better than southwesterly winds, which are the usual.

After all that, we had a very pleasant passage. The waves were unpleasant until we began to turn south at Pendeen Point. Thereafter things got progressively better as we got further and further round. On the clifftops were ruins of old cornish mines, and a working modern mine.

The weather turned out to be gloriously sunny. Once passed Land's End and the Runnel Stone, Robin and I looked at each other a heaved a great sigh of relief. We had done it. We were on the south coast.

After entering Penzance Bay, we made for St Michael's Mount, and anchored in the bay close by. A fabulous view as the sun goes down.

50 07.286' N 05 29.193' W

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  1. Well done! That sounds like a difficult day trip.
    St. Michael's Mount Bay and thereabouts is great, we know it well. Hope tomorrow is good or better.