Monday, 9 August 2010



Today is a mooching about day, as the winds are forecast upto F6 south of here where we wish to go. Too strong for comfort, particularly as they will be blowing directly at us.

Wicklow is a nice enough place, friendly and doesn't feel at all foreign. Even the newspapers, a good measure of being in a strange place, seem much like home. The stories are the same, just the names are changed. But even there, the sports pages are full of english premier football clubs.

Wicklow harbour is very much a working fishing harbour, with boats coming and going all the time. But visiting yachts like ourselves are accomodated on the east pier of athe outer harbour, where sections have had boards and ladders added, so you can tie up safely.

We ate ashore at a chinese restaurant last night. A nice luxury, even if the streets seem to move under you as you walk. Robin is on shopping duty today, topping up our fresh stores with fruit (including some delicious strawberries) and such like. Our stores are holding out quite well, only soft drinks running very low.

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