Monday, 9 August 2010

Heading South


Left Howth at 8am and had a wonderful sail south in the sunshine,before the VHF radio crackled into life "dublin coastguard, a small craft warning" Your heart sinks when you hear these words. It is never good news. It turns out to be a strong wind warning for later on today and tonight.

Fighting tide on these coasts is bad enough, but a strong southerly or southwesterley wind as well? So we headed in to Wicklow harbour, where we tied up inside the east breakwater to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

The next boat along belongs to a Belgian who has lived in Ireland for the past 12 years and speaks english with an irish accent. A cup of fresh coffee and a break and off to investigate Wicklow.

The town is decorated with bunting - nice of them , but how did they know we were coming? Actually, I think it is left over from the Wicklow regatta festival.

52 58.966' N 06 02.042' W

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