Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Effect of a good meal and a good sleep.

Feeling much more positive this morning after a good meal and a night spent in the inner harbour. We were rafted up to another yacht, a 54 foot Moody, who set off early this morning to round Portland and get back to the Solent. As a much bigger boat, it has a much greater speed through the water, and can handle conditions more than we can. Once they were gone, we tied up to the dock wall, remembering to allow for the drop in the tide.

Weather forecasts are  now our obsession, as we look for a window to allow us to get further home. The net is both a blessing and a curse, as there becomes so much information to wade through.

Meanwhile, Bridport/West Bay is nice enough to hole up in. There is a difference, to locals at least, between the two locations, but I can't work it out. It's a small holiday place, with a number of flats and apartments overlooking the sea to rent and a caravan park. There is a local fishing fleet  based in the tiny harbour, whose produce, scallops, we enjoyed last night, and a number of quayside cabins selling fresh caught fish and chips, plus other snack foods to the holidaymakers. A number of smaller boats offer day trips out into Lyme Bay or along to Lyme Regis, but are not operating at the moment. Something to do with the weather?

Another refugee from the storms, a small yacht trying to go the other way, towards Dartmouth, is now rafted up against us. She spent last night rafted to a fishing boat, which goes out every day whatever the weather.

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