Monday, 9 August 2010

Ever onward 2


Left Wicklow for Wexford/Rosslare to the south, prior to heading for the Scillies. Both of us are feeling internet withdrawal symtoms, being so used to being able to check information and communicate at will.

A beautiful day, although not that much wind, so we had to motorsail for much of the way. The weather in Ireland may be wet, but rains everyday, but part of the day, so that you exerience both glorious sunshine and rain on every day. In scotland our experience was either a very wet day or a lovely dry one. We were lucky in that a heavy rain day was usually followed by a sunny one.

We anchored for the night in north Wexford Bay to get a good rest before the long trip in the morning back to England.

52 21.726' N 06 20.568' W

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